Fitness and fun rolled up in one A2Z.Events newsletter  
Author: LeighAdams
Published: Fri 17 Jul 2020
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Fitness and fun rolled up in one A2Z.Events newsletter
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In writing these newsletters I am aware that our members are all in different boats as we all battle the storm that 2020 has sent us. I hope the seas you and your loved ones are in are quiet and that your community is gradually finding some semblance of new normality.

Certainly here in London, despite the gray clouds, confidence is gradually returning, with the anticipation of some outdoor and indoor, socially distanced activities being permitted. 

Most of our current listings are for virtual (on line) events, so all are invited to participate.


Before going to the fun and fitness listings, please take a moment to consider supporting 

The Disasters Emergency Commitee (DEC) has put out an appeal on behalf of nations and people who are currently suffering the worst of this pandemic with not even the oars for a boat - please consider donating directly.


Congratulations to Sir Tom for your fundraising achievements.


Back in the old days, hosts were adding new activities regularly, making it easy to scribe surpise filled newsletter.

This week simply a couple that haven't featured recently and hopefully will entertain.
All accessible online.

Fast Way into Salsa

Salsa Footwaork - It's all in the feet - a Salsa Rapido course, presented by Alastair, is an excellent way to start dancing and to remember what you've forgotten.

Deimante Friday
The online dance/fitnass/flexibility class each Friday is at 9.30am with Deimante.

Free Online (Zoom) Cuban Salsa Class - Solo (Dance from home)
Free Online (Zoom) Cuban Salsa Class - Solo (Dance from home), lessons on Monday and Wednesday with Havana People.

Solo Jazz and Charleston

This Thursday there is a solo jazz and charleston class online with Simon and Anna.

NB - The weekly classical concerts hopefully will return after the summer break.


New track recorded in lockdown
We were truly honoured to recieve a request from David Strahan to help raise awareness for Orquesta Mambarito's new track, Cuban Fantasy, recorded and mixed during the Covid lockdown.
I've listened and watched and now recommend you to do the same and, if you want to give them a bit of a thank you plus recognition, please find a way to like and share, whether on any of the A2Z.Events platform, FaceBook or YouTube

List via A2Z.Events

If you or any of your contacts are hosting any activity that is good for the body or mind, please remember it is free to list on the www.A2Z.Events network.


You can help Stop Transmission by being aware, washing hands and maintaining the recommended social distance.

Please be Happy, 

Leigh and the A2Z.Events team

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