Support Dance schools amidst COVID-19 UK parliamentary petition  
Author: LeighAdams
Published: Wed 15 Jul 2020
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Support Dance schools and venues that provide dance activities amidst COVID-19

The Government should state where the Dance Schools and venues that provide dance classes and socials to the community fit in the Covid19 recovery roadmap, create a tailor-made financial support mechanism for the Dance sector & clarify how help will be provided.
Many dance schools are suffering.

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Guidance on opening dance schools exists online - dance studio guidelines fall in line with gym/leisure facility reopening:

From the requirements in the article, neither outdoor nor indoor social partner dancing can happen safely as of time of amending this article, whilst individual dance genres like ballet, hip-hop etc can go on with social distancing. 

Adapting to safety guidelines, hosts teaching swing, salsa and other partner dance genres are preparing to teach solo, socially distanced lessons and partnerwork within partber bubbles.