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Published: Thu 18 Dec 2014
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If you are already dancing for health purposes or are looking for an activity to enhance your current exercise regime, then the network of sites, will lead you to a great dance opportunity close to you.

There are many medically sound reasons to dance for health however we also know that eating well is really important.

Please do check out each of the articles and some of the recipes suggested by Charlotte (BSc Nutrition, ANtr Reg: 2915),  that will help you stay fit.


"LessEnjoy yourself over the festive season, without piling on the pounds   


Dance yourself to better health
Did you know dancing salsa burns up to 600 calories an hour!  


"Physio Repetitive Strain Injuries in Salsa                                                                    




 Healthy Hot Chocolate



Icecream for breakfast?



 Try a new Pancake recipe and add a healthy sweet or savoury filling.



Not only do we love to dance salsa here at, we enjoy eating it too!!!


"CheeseFeeling peckish after a night dancing? 
Try this cheese on toast with a twist! 

Easy Chicken Casserole!
What’s the secret ingredient?


Quick ’healthier’ gluten-free, mini cheesecakes! "Cheesecakes"


"Baked Baked eggs with spinach and tomatoes – Low GI

"Smoked Smoked Mackerel or Sardine Pate - rich in vitamin D and calcium 

Alison Roberts homeopath An introduction to homeopathy.