Online and Real Life fun and fitness for you  
Author: LeighAdams
Published: Fri 21 Aug 2020
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Online and Real Life fun and fitness for you
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Hoping this newsletter finds you in good health both physically and mentally.

A2Z.Events would like to act as your companion to events, online and in "Real Life".
Places where you can receive talented tuition and spend time with new people.

We are all on that bumpy road - sharing it with others may just help turn those frowns upside down. Dancing or achieving the downward dog won't heal the ills of the world but hopefully will put them in the distance for an hour or two. 

Try something new and let me know.

We are aware of widespread job losses but also know that many are bouncing back by setting up new activities.  Certainly where I am based in London the parks seem to have a new thriving community of outside lessons for people young and old, varying from boxercise through to book reading sessions.

If you are one of those hosts, or know someone, please list, free of charge on A2Z.Events, so we can swell your audience.

It is free to list your VIRTUAL or REAL LIFE (following local guidelines) activity, on www.A2Z.Events.

List via A2Z.Events


Split between real life activities, streamed online/live content and video courses hopefully means that if you are in a lockdown area not only is there an activity to undertake but also the hope that your locality will open up soon.
NB - All details in newsletter based on UK time.


Online ChaRLESTON AND JAZZThis Thursday a solo jazz and charleston workshop is being taught by Swing Dance UK. 

Zumba Fitness is taught virtually by Deimante each Monday and Wednesday whilst Friday's streambased session is based on stretch and strength


Tango Thursday
A free 1-hour Tango online starter session can be taken any Thursday with Tango Integral.
Sunday with Rasa
Socially Distant Sunday with Rasa starts with bachata styling at 5.30pm

a2z of jazz vernacularABC of Vernacular Jazz – A beginners guide to Jazz dance is a Thursday session from Swing Dance UK.

Flamenco online course
Starting on 15th September, an online course in Flamenco surely will get your feet tapping and your hands ashaping.

Victoria Park salsa
This Friday you can take an introduction to Cuban style salsa in Victoria Park, East London. 

31.8.20 Bank Holiday Monday salsa and bachata in London
On Monday 31th August, there is a Bank Holiday Special Edition of Outdoor salsa, bachata and cha cha classes in Vauxhall, London.
We'd urge you to support this event as the planned 4-day event sadly has been cancelled - as a result of a noise complaint against a test event that saw a live band play in completely covid safe outdoor space. The loss of the big event affects the community and the artists for whom there has not been any sort of safety net.

Please take a lesson or two and help the dance teachers.

On Wednesdays from the same team in Vauxhall, there is Salsa, yes real salsa lessons from 7-9pm.

All appropriate government guidelines with regards to social distancing, handwashing and the wearing of masks etc will be followed.
Tap Dance course, live in Covent Garden
Live in Covent Garden London, starting on 14th September beginners can start a tap dancing class.

Ballet real life course in London
Designed for the complete beginner or for those wanting to go back to basics, an enjoyable Ballet class which provides a fun and satisfying way to improve alignment, muscle tone, flexibility and coordination, starts on 15th September. The classes will also help to improve any other dance styles you might be practising.
Charleston course
On Thursday 17th a fun course that will get you dancing the fast and energetic Charleston starts in London.


Fast Way into Salsa

Salsa Footwork - It's all in the feet - an online Salsa Rapido course, presented by Alastair, is an excellent way to start dancing and to remember what you've forgotten.

Online self defence courseThis Online Self Defense And Martial Arts beginner/improver course allows you to practice from home in your own time where you will discover that remaining calm and feeling confident and healthy becomes habit. 

You can help Stop Transmission by being aware, washing hands, wearing masks and maintaining the recommended social distance.

Please be Happy, 

Leigh and the A2Z.Events team

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