Are you keeping yourself fit?  
Author: LeighAdams
Published: Tue 4 Aug 2020
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Are you keeping yourself fit?
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A2Z.Events appreciate this newsletter reaches members from across the globe and that the combination of this terrible virus and financial impact differs for each of us.

This week we hope that particularly our friends in Manchester, Melbourne, India and Spain are safe and well but of course wish all of our members the same through any local lockdown. 

We want to keep you in touch with what sort of activities you may want to try out, whether to get yourself a little fitter, to create new friends (mainly distanced but sometimes that is better) or simply to have an hour away from those stresses that we are all facing.

Our directory along with all the sites and apps on our network are free of charge for you to use.

And it is free to list.
So if you or a friend are running a VIRTUAL or REAL LIFE (following local guidelines) activity, please add on www.A2Z.Events.

List via A2Z.Events


It seems odd but somewhat exciting to be able to split this newsletter into real life activities and also to be signposting streamed content.
NB - All details in newsletter based on UK time.


Zumba Fitness is taught virtually by Deimante each Monday and Wednesday whilst Friday's streambased session is based on stretch and strength


Tango Thursday
A free 1-hour Tango online starter session can be taken any Thursday with Tango Integral.
Free Online (Zoom) Cuban Salsa Class - Solo (Dance from home)
Free Online (Zoom) Cuban Salsa Class - Solo (Dance from home), lessons on Monday and Wednesday with Havana People.Sunday with Rasa
Socially Distant Sunday with Rasa starts with bachata styling at 5.30pm


The Black Cab Coffee Co in Vauxhall are housing the Latin Collective team, in association with Magda Sobolewska of MS Dance where on Mondays there will be REAL LIFE lessons in bachata and cha cha.

On Wednesdays from the same team in Vauxhall, there is Salsa, yes real salsa lessons from 7-9pm.


A live band night on FRIDAY 7th AUGUST
It will be free but you will be invited to make a contribution directly to Sarabanda.

Although the event is free for everyone that wants to attend, the band has set up a Crowdfunding page and we are asking that you consider donating towards their "fee", as live music must be supported or it may not be there when the world returns to normal.
SarabandaAll appropriate government guidelines with regards to social distancing, handwashing and the wearing of masks etc will be followed.


Fast Way into Salsa

Salsa Footwork - It's all in the feet - a Salsa Rapido course, presented by Alastair, is an excellent way to start dancing and to remember what you've forgotten.

Online Salsa Classes for Improvers or Advanced Levels via pre-recorded videos from Salsa Southampton are also on offer. New content each week. Beginners Course also available.

You can help Stop Transmission by being aware, washing hands, wearing masks and maintaining the recommended social distance.

Please be Happy, 

Leigh and the A2Z.Events team

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