Finally, Orquesta Mambarito has landed!  
Author: LeighAdams
Published: Thu 9 Jul 2020
Keywords: Music, Latin virtual big band, Orquesta Mambarito, Cuban Fantasy
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David Strahan contacted me during London's Covid lockdown with the following request.
I've listened and watched David's new band's Cuban Fantasy and now recommend you to do the same :

"I’ve put together a Latin virtual big band during lockdown. Here’s our first recording:

If there’s anything you can do to give it a boost, much appreciated!

I fear we may not play live until the vaccine comes along."

Finally, Orquesta Mambarito has landed!
When I started work on the project early in lockdown, I thought we’d knock off our first recording, Cuban Fantasy, in a few weeks. But it turned into quite a mission. I made some mistakes and learned a lot. And like the beer ad, we only bring it to you when it’s ready.
I owe a great big thank-you to all the players, and a *massive* thank-you to Jim le Messurier, Emma Plant and Peter Wilson , who did heroic work in post-production. Thanks also to Nigel Grice of SLJO for kindly sharing contacts, Robbie Griffey for remedial lessons in social media and Charlie Rose for sound advice throughout.
Anyway, I hope you like it, and if so, spread the love. And this being Afro-Cuban music, please think about supporting the causes in the posts that follow. The next arrangement is already in the works, and we look forward to playing this stuff out in public one day, so if you’re into it, hit ‘like’ at the top of the page and we’ll keep you posted.